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"To protect Del Mar Mesa Wildlife through responsible stewardship of habitat area connections."


Shaw Valley Wildlife Coalition formed to help protect and conserve the critical rare habitat of Del Mar Mesa that depends on Shaw Valley to connect six conservation areas in north City of San Diego's.

The area extends back over 100 years and was mostly ranch lands. In 1996 the voters approved the 5-star Del Mar Grand Hotel and golf resort designed around native chaparral habitat. Part of that development required an equestrian trail today knows as Shaw Valley Trail.

Shaw Valley is protected by the City of San Diego's Multiple Species Habitat Plan. Under the plan, the 139 Alta Del Mar was built on 25% of land purchased by Pardee Homes with over 100 acres added to Shaw Valley Open Space.

Wildlife Challenges.

"... both wildlife and people enjoy and depend upon the assets of this terrain. The most biologically rich county in the continental U.S. is, however, also the most threatened." -- Nature Conservancy


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