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Valley trail & wildlife corridor

Habitat preserves survive when connected allowing wildlife totravel freely  often times through corridors


Shaw Valley located in Del Mar Mesa connects Carmel Mountain Preserve to Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. The Valley is home to the 5 star Del Mar Grand Hotel and to the popular equestrian and hiking Shaw Valley Trail. The hotel's golf course is designed to blend with the Del Mar Mesa's native plants ensuring protection and migration of critical wildlife. On the valley's southern end are large protected vernal pool areas. The area is part of the City of San Diego's Multiple Species Habitat Program that conserves lands host to many endangered and listed species, some exclusive to San Diego.

Wildlife Challenges.

"Corridors should have a minimum amount of human disturbance, especially at night, and low ambient noise levels during; the time (nighttime) that the target species are expected to use the corridor."  --  San Diego Multiple Species Habitat Plan


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